Robertson Lane. Construction to include a hotel with retail and restaurant amenities.


Advocacy Services

At the heart of any project is the ability to work effectively with public sector decision-makers. Be they departmental representatives or elected office holders, the art of effectively advocating a client’s position is essential to the success of any project or program.

The professionals at Seymour Consulting Group (SCG) have a combined experience of over 30 years in governmental service and the private sector. That background has earned SCG an outstanding reputation in providing advocacy services throughout Southern California.


Community Relations

In today’s world, success with public sector decision-makers begins with the ability to interact and negotiate potential problems with those organizations and individuals who have special interest in a project or program.

Be they homeowner’s organizations, business councils, or persons with specific issues relating to a project or program, SCG and its associates have the experience to successfully advocate our client’s position and concern.

Armed with a highly skilled in-house staff and consultants, SCG has the ability to provide a number of community relations services, including:

  • Development of Community Meetings
  • Preparation of Exhibits and Materials
  • Polling
  • Petition Circulation
  • Support Campaigns
  • Public Hearing Representation


Land Use Planning

SCG has a thorough knowledge of planning law and a special expertise in project implementation. The professional staff has worked directly with all levels of government: Planning departments, Community Redevelopment agencies, Building and Safety, Public Works departments and various elected official’s offices.

SCG strives to produce the highest quality products on time and in budget, with a strict attention to project details and client concerns.

SCG has developed strong credibility in preparing creative plans and details implementation strategies to carry projects to fruition. The Company’s involvement in current planning legislation, public policy, and government programs is integral to the production of an optimal development plan.

SCG provides planning expertise to a broad spectrum of clientele for projects of varying scales from pre-architectural inventory of site development job project plans, Seymour Consulting Group has established a successful planning approach which satisfies client management. SCG staff has extensive experience in:

  • Issuance of Discretionary Permits
  • Strategic Plans
  • Community Plans
  • Development and Implementation strategies
  • Specific Plans
  • Preparation of design guidelines and development standards
  • Analysis of zoning and building ordinances
  • Detailed planning analysis: land  use, building condition, market and financial
  • Transportation Planning
  • Site Plans
  • Concept Development Plans
  • Pre-architectural Services
  • Environmental Analysis/EIRS
  • Historic Districts
  • Building Recycling Plans
  • Commercial Revitalization Programs
  • Public Participation Programs
  • Alcoholic Beverage Control Permits