Why Seymour Consulting Group!

Seymour Consulting Group (SCG) assists clients in the areas of Governmental Relations, Community Relations, Planning and Zoning, Land Development and Building and Safety Expedition.

SCG's professionals bring together years of valuable experience in governmental relations, urban planning and land use.

Seymour Consulting Group offers a complete package of services from one strategic base. This guarantees full personal attention to every client's needs, from transporting paperwork through the political and governmental process to executing an effective advocacy program. Constant supervision, communication and coordination of each and every project are the hallmarks at SCG.

Seymour Consulting Group brings to every client a winning combination of experience, political expertise, accessibility, and responsiveness to ensure the successful outcome of your projects.

Whether in Planning and Zoning, Advocacy, Governmental Relations, Land Development or Building and Safety Expedition, Seymour Consulting Group has the skill and technical expertise to simplify the perplexity of bureaucratic process and paperwork. Seymour Consulting Group will launch your project properly and see it through to completion.

Seymour Consulting Group is professionally armed with a roster of services to help businesses and organizations function effectively in the ever-changing political and governmental arena — whether it is advocating an issue, securing a building permit or obtaining approval for a project. They keep an ever-watchful eye on the issues, statutes and ordinances that may affect the success of their client's projects and provide the kind of close personal attention their clients deserve.

Because Seymour Consulting Group can provide all necessary services, they can cut through the governmental labyrinth to ensure your project's success.